Saturday, January 5, 2008


The NPHS class of 57 now has a website hosted by Richard (Dick) Gough. Dick has taken the best from the reunion site added some of his own talents to create a great site for the class. We hope that all members of the class will enjoy the site & participate in making the website a great way to communicate with other members of the class. The links to the site are as follows. To access the site just click these links. I would suggest that you also bookmark the links.
The link below will direct you on how to communicate with Dick to add additional information to the website.

Robie will do her best to reach as many of the class members but you can help her & Dick should you know an email address of a class member. Even if you believe Robie has the email address, it would help her to email the classmate & update them on the new NPHS 57 website. You may also wish to email Robie & Dick the classmate's email address. The more class members that interact the better site will be.

It has been a great pleasure to work with so many members of the NPHS class of 57 for your reunion & we hope that you enjoyed the reunion site as much as we did in producing the site. We wish each member the very best of health, happiness, & success. May our paths cross again in the future.

Nancy & George Bemis


Great news for the class pf 57! One of your classmates has taken over the web hosting for class events so you will have an ongoing website. Once all the details are worked out, Robie will let you know how to access the site & how to interact with the website. Once I receive permission I will post a link to the new site on this blog so that you will be able to directly access the site. Once on the site, check out if there are instructions on how to interact.

With the new official site for the NPHS class of 57 coming on line, we will not be adding any new pictures or information to the old reunion site. For those members of the class with nostalgic feelings, you may still view the complete original reunion site without the music on our family website at Just click on the NPHS 50th Reunion.

Again, we have enjoyed hosting the reunion site for the class. Now that the reunion is over, we hope that many of you will log on & utilize the new class site and be better able to communicate with your fellow classmates. It is a great way to keep in touch and as the saying goes; go for it!

A finial thank you from us for providing all the pictures & information for the reunion site.

Nancy & George Bemis

Friday, January 4, 2008


The present NPHS website will be deactivated in mid-February 2008 or soon after the new site is active. One of your classmates is working on setting up a class website utilizing material received for this site as well as new class information & photos. Please check with Robie & not us for details about the new site, the web address, & date that the site will be active.

Since you will have an on going website by one of your classmates, we will not be adding any additional photos to this site. Once the new site is on line, you will be able to provide Robie & the site manager class & personal information.

We have enjoyed receiving all your pictures, comments, talking with many of you for the past nine months, and greatly enjoyed the 50th reunion. We wish each member & their family of the class of 57 good health & happiness in the coming years. May our paths cross again sometime in the future & until that time we wish you well.

Nancy & George Bemis

Saturday, October 20, 2007


A special thank you to all my classmates that submitted pictures before & after the reunion. Since we have received no further pictures for the past several days & have what I believe a nice selection of 50th reunion pictures from several individuals on our web site, we have decided to close the picture acceptance today rather than the 22 October. Presently, our plans are to leave the site up & active through mid January 2008. After that date, the 50th reunion site will become history. Our final post on this blog site in early January 2008 will be a ten day announcement providing the site removal date. As mentioned in an earlier posting, classmates that would like to share their pictures &/or comments between now & the site removal date, may post a comment on the blog. For information on how to post, please review our pior blog post in September.

Again, thank you for all your support and making the 50th NPHS reunion a great success. A special thanks to all on the reunion committee that put so much effort into making the weekend of 5,6 October 2007 a very meaningful event. May the future bring you much happiness, good health, & hopefully are paths may cross again someday in the future.

Your friend & classmate

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Reunion Pictures for Website End on 22 October 07

For classmates that have a reunion picture(s) that they would like to have published on the website, the last day to submit the picture(s) is 22 October 2007. You may email the picture(s) to Nancy at

For the classmates that have contributed to the website, we thank you & we are sure that both the individuals that were able to attend the reunion as well as the classmates unable to attend he reunion appreciate your contribution. Again, thank you.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Reunion Booklet Misprints & Email Page

For classmates that note an error in the 50th reunion booklet for email, phone or address, you may correct this information on this blog which will remain active until mid January 2008 &/or send the information to Robie for future reunions. Information on how to post a comment is available on our September section. Please note that this blog & web page will be discontinued after mid January & no longer be available on this web site.

Since we have had only one request for an email section for the website, we have decided not to produce at this time a separate web page listing email addresses. We encourage you to check the NPHS 50th Reunion booklet for email addresses & let your classmates know your email address. In a future class of 1957 reunion, the webmaster at that time may be able to consider publishing emails if enough individuals have an interest.

If you have an interest in having a web page & blog for the class of 57, you may wish to let Robie know & what you would like to have on the website. You may also let us know & if there is enough interest, we will assist as much as possible.

Monday, October 8, 2007

What A Great Reunion! A call for Reunion Pictures.

A great thank you goes out to all those individuals on the reunion committee for all the work they did to make this reunion a great success. I am sure that all who came will agree this was one of the best reunions, if not the best reunion, that not only the NPHS class of 57 had but likely the best reunion that you have ever been too. Again, a GREAT thank you to the whole committee.

We will publish some reunion pictures on the NPHS 50th reunion web site that we took as well as any pictures that we receive by 22 October. Due to other commitments after 22 October, we will not be able to add additional pictures to the site. For those who miss this date, you can still publish your pictures on this blog site by posting a comment. Remember that you will have to sign into the blog. For complete details on how to sign in, please check the September comments.

Presently, we plan to leave the site up & running until we note no more individuals are visiting the site or through mid January 2008. A blog comment will be posted two weeks before the site removal. A final thank you to all my classmates that sent all the wonderful pictures & comments for this reunion site.

We wish each one of you peace, good health, & happiness in the future & trust that our paths may cross again someday.